Challenges Guide

Central Ohio has a plethora of varied challenges.  We will do our best to keep this page up-to-date.  If you have a new challenge, or know of one we missed, please e-mail Dos-Boot or Blandestk.  The challenges will be sorted by difficulty level:


One Day All Terrain Challenge – by KBLAST


TFTC Challenge – by hikerbabe n thebirdr
Skirt Chasers Challenge – by mcoppel


Love a Cache Challenge – by iphone.cachers


Ohio Cemetery Challenge – by Team Monkeyboy
Our First Year – Puzzle Challenge – by Team MidwestHaunters


AlphaNumeric Challenge – by 4 boys explore
Ohio DeLorme Challenge – by TeamDotOne
Ohio Top 10 Challenge – by Handyman & Milkman
One-Day All-Difficulty Challenge – by theLadyBee and blandestk
Quickerington Challenge – Ohio City Names – by KBLAST
The Mysterious Month Challenge – by blandestk and theLadyBee

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