Caching Conundrum October 2012 Results

A standing-room-only crowd gathered for October’s Conundrum,  which featured a mystery death match.  The contestants gathered without knowing what was in store for them, which turned out to be a few puzzles of design by the event organizers and a few classic puzzles culled for this occasion.  The groans were more than metaphorical, as several puzzlers insisted some of the questions had no answers.  After a half hour of brain-busting competition debbiedoesgeo snagged the top spot.  Full results follow:

01. debbiedoesgeo
02. LeroyJethro
03. Chief_Osceola
04. Teammonkeyboy
05. HarSan
06. dos-boot
07. Timeseeker
08. teamDAAK
10. TeamOC
11. Team MidwestHaunters
12. facefromthepast
13. grammis&bill
14. msmandi
15. hankpixie
16. sweetfyre
17. S&BGeo
18. wrongturnrick
19. amazinga
20. thechad
21. cbw
22. supernerd

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