Caching Conundrum November 2012 Results

A massive, room-filling crowd gathered for the final Caching Conundrum event before the 2012 Playoffs.  The points multiplier was a 2.0 for the night, so players had the potential to improve their positions heading into December’s Championship event.  The task this month was a comprehensive exam.  Players were tasked with solving a huge amount of puzzle, including a crossword, sudoku, a logic puzzle, kakuro, trivia, a cipher, IQ test questions, and cryptograms.  Even with extended time, the test was designed to be a giant task to finish.  In the end, the players proved they have a wide array of knowledge and puzzling skill.  Below are the standings:

01. Team Monkeyboy
02 .debbiedoesgeo
03. 4boysexplore
04. Chief_Osceola
06. HarSan
07. LeroyJethro
08. TimeSeeker
09. TeamOC
10. hankpixie
11. BigBill
12. facefromthepast
13. Gyngr5
14. WrongTurnRick
15. pbnj9305
16. AmazingA
17. msmandi
18. Sweetfyre
19. thechad
20. Dos-Boot
21. cbw


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