Caching Conundrum July 2012 Results

The July competition was perhaps the quirkiest to date: Rock, Paper, Scissors.  We ran a double-elimination tournament, which is why you’ll notice ties in the final standings.  In the end, Facefromthepast ran undefeated through the field, knocking of second-place-finisher Chief_Osceola in the Winners Finals and the Championship Match, both by the slimmest of margins, 4-3.

01. Facefromthepast
02. Chief_Osceola
03. Intrigue
05. HarSan
05. TeamOC
07. TimeSeeker
07. WrongTurnRick
09. TheChad
09. Debbiedoesgeo
09. mcoppel
09. supernerd
13. BigBill
13. Team Monkeyboy
13. iphone.cachers
13. msmandi
17. Leroy Jethro
18. Dos-Boot

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