Caching Conundrum August 2012 Results

The August edition of the Conundrum tested our competitors’ mettle in the IQ arena.  Some seriously weighty tests were thrown their way and they did not disappoint.  The Top 4 were separated by a mere two questions.  Finishers 5 through 9 were also separated by two measly points.  When the theoretical dust settled, here were the results:

02. Team Monkeyboy
03. LeroyJethro
04. Chief_Osceola
05. Bigdog927
05. Facefromthepast
07. HarSan
08. TimeSeeker
09. Team Sarcasm
10. Dos-Boot
11. iphone.cachers
12. hankpixie
13. Sweetfyre
14. TeamOC
15. Amazing A
16. cbw92480
17. gyngr5

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