Caching Conundrum – April 2012 – Kakuro Results

Caching Conundrum #4 is in the books! We had 20 competitors this month, plying their trade on the sheets of Kakuro. Cachers were given four puzzles. The first was rated extremely easy, the second at easy, the third medium, and the fourth at hard. No one completed all four puzzles in the 30 given minutes, so bonus time was enacted, which allowed our winner to finish. Chief Osceola became the first combatant to win two events, after taking the inaugural crossword-puzzle edition. Team Monkeyboy put forth another silver-medal performance, making it two in a row, as they edged last month’s logic puzzles champion, debbidoesgeo, by one completed cell. The competition was fierce and they all left their blood, sweat, and grey matter on the field (or at least on the tables). Full results:

01. Chief Osceola
02. Team Monkeyboy
03. DebbiDoesGeo
05. Team Sarcasm
07. Team Intrigue
08. Shutterbug621
09. bigdog927
10. TeamOC
11. WrongTurnRick
12. HarSan
13. bigdog421
14. msmandi
15. Horsegirl 713
16. tfluff6
17. Oseaners
18. Dos-Boot
19. gyngr5
19. Sweetfyre

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