Caching Conundrum #27 Results – March 2014

March brings tidings of Kakuro to the Caching Conundrum . The annual third-month happening saw competitors tackle some relatively difficult Kakuro puzzles. Some of the puzzles intertwined with each other, forcing the players to maintain accuracy for the whole test. The heavy favorite going in was last year’s Kakuro champs, DebbieDoesGeo. She did not disappoint, taking the gold and grabbing the 100 points in the 2014 race. Full standings:

01. debbiedoesgeo
02. 4boysexplore
03. vpplayer
04. Team Monkeyboy
05. LeroyJethro
06. TimeSeeker
07. HarSan
08. Facefromthepast
09. Supernerd
11. WrongTurnRick

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