Caching Conundrum #26 Results – February 2014

It’s February, which means the Conundrum-eers are tasked with slaying the dragon known as Sudoku. Word on the street was this month’s quiz was brutally difficult. Not a single player finished all four puzzles. Maybe the creators need to dial it down a bit!

When the scores were tallied, 4boysexplore grabbed their first victory of 2014. Full results:

01. 4boysexplore
02. msmandi
03. vpplayer
04. TimeSeeker
06. debbiedoesgeo
07. thechad23
08. iphone.cachers
09. Team Monroes
10. GrammiSandBill
11. Team Monkeyboy
12. HarSan
13. LeroyJethro
14. Kim from Metro Parks
15. wrongturnrick
16. VaguelyRandom

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