Caching Conundrum #25 Results – January 2014

The Caching Conundrum turned two this week! Hoping to avoid the terrible twos, we wiped the scoreboards clean and everyone entered the first competition tied for first. As is January tradition, the theme was crossword puzzles.

The mix of traditional and offbeat crosswords tested the wordsmiths in the room, but the results were resounding: these players are veritable walking dictionaries!

To view this month’s puzzle, point your browser HERE. (errata: note the misspelling of “wherigo” in the second puzzle; the answer to 1 Down is “whereigo”)

When the scores were tallied, facefromthepast jumped out to a lead in 2014’s yearlong race to the title:

01. facefromthepast
02. TimeSeeker
03. 4boysexplore
04. debbiedoesgeo
05. vpplayer
06. LeroyJethro
07. Team Monkeyboy
09. iphone.cachers
10. msmandi
11. bigdog421
12. cherry spawn
13. thechad23
14. vaguelyrandom
15. wrongturnrick

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