Caching Conundrum September 2012 Results

Another month, another set of puzzling brilliance by Central Ohio Geocachers and beyond!  This go-round the crew sat down to a thick dose of Cryptograms.  The author worried about the difficulty of the content, but the team wowed with their mastery of the art form.  Multiple players cracked the entire deal!  The Chief returned to the top, taking the win with 100% accuracy.  Following are the full results:

01. Chief_Osceola
02. Team Monkeyboy
03. Debbiedoesgeo
05. Leroy Jethro
06. Facefromthepast
07. TeamOC
08. GrammiS&Bill
09. Chris K in Geauga
10. WrongTurnRick
11. HarSan
12. Supernerd
13. Horsegirl713
14. Cbw_92480
15. Dos-Boot

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