Adventures In Geocaching!

Adventures in Geocaching EventCOG-LPDJoin us for “Adventures in Geocaching” with the Licking Parks District

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013
at the Infirmary Mound  РGranville, Ohio

We need LOTS and LOTS of geocachers to help us out!!¬† “Actual” geocachers will be placing containers and creating temporary hides in the park’s 316 acres from 1:00p-3:30p.

The public (mostly local girl scouts and cub scouts) will arrive at 3:30pm, get a brief “this is geocaching 101” tutorial, and get paired up into small groups with the geocachers to find all of the containers that were hidden earlier.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the event.

This will be LOTS of fun!!! We’ve worked with the local scouts teaching geocaching for the past few years, and the kids are AWESOME!! Very eager to learn and to have fun!

AdventuresInGeocachingWe have no idea how many to expect (of either cachers or visitors), but obviously we need as many GPS units as possible (and experienced owners thereof) to make this work… my biggest fear is that I will end up performing solo for a massive group of muggles (grin).

SPREAD THE WORD to all of the local cachers and caching groups you know, as well as any non-cachers that may be interested. The event flyer for visiting non-geocachers can be downloaded here…

For more information, visit the cache description page on at

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