12 Events on 12-12-12!

Join Central Ohio Geocachers as we celebrate the last triple-identical date in our lifetimes, barring major scientific breakthroughs or the discovery or real vampires.  We have special permission from the powers-that-be to host 12 events on this date!

Each event will be in a different spot at a different time.  What this means is you have probably the only chance in your caching career to snag a dozen events on a single day!  We’ll start at 8am and wrap things up at 1opm.  Come join us for a long day of wondrous celebration.  Take a vacation day.  Call in sick.  Whatever it takes.  Or come by for just one to get the souvenir from Groundspeak.  Either way works!

The locations and times:

New Albany – 8am

Gahanna – 915am

Easton – 1015am

Westerville – 1115am

Polaris – 1215pm

Worthington – 115pm

Sawmill – 215pm

Dublin – 315pm

Tuttle – 415pm

Hilliard – 515pm

Upper Arlington – 615pm

Campus – 800pm

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